The benefits of listing Goods, Products and Services on the Marketplace Exchange, is a direct solution to the new EU laws and regulations

  • For companies selling cross-border throughout the Single Market and Export out of the Single Market, looking for a streamlined process.
  • For companies registered outside the Single Market seeking a streamlined process and direct access into the largest market available, offering their Goods, Products and Services online, and optional Exporting from the Single Market to their domestic region or country.
  • You are effectively in compliance with all rules and regulation concerning online trade
Trading & Market Services for the Global Industry of Goods, Products and Services. Our platforms revolve around one word, connectivity. We operate with real-time market data, in all major markets and segments to serve professional traders, manufacturers and other global participants, in a “One Stop Shop”, undisclosed trading environment.

We offer control over costs for international trade, cross-border and cross-currency, on a single platform. Our complete market services support the entire lifecycle of all trades, and in all major currencies providing true Global Reach. Our expansive suite of products and Innovative logistics solutions gives direct access to the Marketplace Exchanges & The Single Market, and will help you operate more efficiently, with less risk exposure and cost.


A one-stop shop is a solution where multiple services are offered; i.e., customers can get all they need in just “one stop”. The term originated in the United States in the late 1920s or early 1930’s to describe a business model offering customers the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location, instead of having to “drive all over the town” to attain related services at different stores. The phrase is now used as slang to describe where people can find most of what they need, including information, in one place.


    • Entire segments of asset classes listed, highly searchable and filterable
    • Listed item listed with real-time market data and pricing with multi-currency capabilities
    • Professional trading environment, with world-class trade support
    • Unique MEXID number on each listed item, following the whole trade cycle
    • Unique online quote system, directly connected to the MEXID of each listed item
    • End to End services, with multiple shipping options and ports
    • Unique online contract solution for both seller and buyer
    • Purchase contract connected to online instant payment services handling more than 90 currencies
    • Make payments in your local currency and get paid in the currency of your choice

We work at the forefront of Logistics innovation and market data to make assets available and tradable in all life cycles & markets. We help interesting companies improve industry decision making, with our innovative logistics thinking and real-time data feed to the market.
We work with our partners to streamline and optimize processing data that don’t just deliver on product perfection but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every hour counts.

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